Kill the Busy Save the Bee

Are you a busy bee? 

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Are you a busy bee? Busyness is anything that is keeping you from the peace of God. It could be your overscheduled to-do-list but it could also be your anxious thoughts or your constant stream of social media. Busyness can be a mental, emotional, or physical state of being, and many of us are severely caught up in it.


In Kill the Busy Save the Bee, Yvonne Marie encourages her readers to discover the value of solitude,  the importance of surrendering, and the significant transformation that can take place when an intentional effort is made to personally know Jesus.  Starting with Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”, she uses  biblical references, anecdotes, personal stories, and her quirky knowledge about bees to describe the benefits of walking away from the busyness in order to strengthen and cultivate a much more meaningful walk with Christ.


"Prior to writing this book, through observing my own behavior, I noticed that...the productivity of our bee friends was not at all an illustration of the type of busyness I displayed every day.  I began to have some serious convictions about it.  So I started listening and writing. I noticed that I wasn’t as deeply invested in my relationship with the Lord as I needed to be, as I wanted to be, and as I sometimes appeared to be. So, I wasn’t really connected to my purpose of loving others as Christ loves me. "