6 Ways to Restore Your Soul

Restore. This is the word I used when I decided to take an old outdated desk that I bought for cheap and turn it into a desk that invites me to write and create. The desk used to be boring, like that long brown furniture you would find in the bank back in the ‘90s. Functional, sturdy, business-like, and a bit worn. But I wanted it to be more than functional, I wanted it to be inspiring, inviting, and fun. I wanted to walk into my creative space and hear my desk calling me to take a seat, enjoy my tea, and open my laptop or pull out my paintbrushes. It needed restoration.

While the word restoration is very much connected to furniture and room renovations in our world today, it is a word that means much more to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being than some of us are willing to admit. You may shrug at the idea that YOU need restoration. Because who has time? Who cares if you’re uninspiring, uninviting, and boring, you’re FUNCTIONAL!

But wait. This is not what God intended. He didn’t create you to just be functional. He created you with unique gifts and abilities. You have love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, gentleness, goodness, and self-control inside of you! But it’s all been buried by the day-to-day stuff that spun the joy, peace, and creativity into…functionality.

Resurrection Day is around the corner. As you celebrate the day Lord rose from the grave, take time to resurrect your love for others, your peace of God, and your joy of life.

Here are 6 ways to restore your soul.


I realize that not everyone is the “outdoorsy” type. But no matter who you are, fresh air and sunlight will do your soul a world of good. We are often caught up in so many things during the day, that we forget that IT IS DAY! The sun has come up. Find a few minutes to enjoy it before it passes. Take a walk, and breath the air. Listen to the birds. Smell the flowers. Isn’t it sad that we forsake the beauty of God’s creation? I might have the mind to count it as a sin of omission. Really. We are commanded to praise God for the works of His hands. Read it for yourself:

Psalm 145: 5

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.

Job 12:7-10

“But ask the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you; or the bushes of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this? In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.”

Nehemiah 9:6

“You are the Lord, you alone. You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them; and you preserve all of them; and the host of heaven worships you.”