Feeling Overwhelmed? Erase "overcommit" from your to-do list

In Psalm 16: 6-9, we read that David is thanking and praising God for his inheritance. He says in verse 6, "The boundary lines have fallen fore in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." Some say that David is prophetically referring to Christ, our redeemer, as He is part of David's lineage and that David is using land as a metaphor to describe this inheritance. While the Message Bible puts Psalm 16:6 this way, "You set me up with a house and yard. And then you made me heir!" While the meaning may be obscure, it is what David says about this inheritance that stands out to me:

1. God has placed boundaries for him and David delights in them because they're good.

2. David understood that he needs the counsel of the Lord. He praises God for this.

3. David says he keeps his eye always on the Lord and he understands that when he does this he will not be shaken.

4. David can rejoice and rest because God is with him.

Now, what does this have to do with over-commitment? God has given us two things as part of our spiritual inheritance, time (as a human with one more day) and spiritual gifts (given through Christ by way of the Holy Spirit). When you overcommit, it takes away the time God has given to you to use your gifts for His purpose.

God has set good boundaries for us. Let's seek Him so that we don't step outside of them. Ask the Lord if the task that is presented to you is really for you before saying, "yes". Before jumping on board, think about the tasks that you already have. Will you have to put them off in order to complete yet another task? With help from the Holy Spirit through prayer, you may discover that you are far more effective when you can focus your gifts and time on the areas to which you have been called. When you focus on the tasks that are meant for you, there is no such thing as overwhelmed. Instead, you are overjoyed because you can rest in knowing God is with you!

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