His Brilliance

My son carefully placed his telescope in position so that we could gaze at the moon brightly hung way above our heads.

Because of the expanse and distance, it was difficult to catch it through the lens. So the slightest movement and the moon was gone. We worked out a strategy though. When we could no longer see the moon through the lens, and all we saw was blackness, we'd move a millimeter until we found the perimeter of the moon's aura. And we would continue to move closer, as the glow got brighter. Sometimes, we'd move too quickly and the moon would dash past in a blur, and then we'd see nothing but darkness again.

But there were those glorious times when we'd set the lens in the right spot, steady our hands, and could see every detail of the moon's beauty and the power of its light. And when those sweet moments came, if we lost it again, we'd crave another long gaze.

Doesn't this remind you of how God in all His greatness shines His love on us? But when we dash by Him, He becomes a blur because we're too busy with everything else. We miss that gloriousness. Let us be determined to seek and find what we're craving and take a long gaze. He is constant, beautiful, and bright. And He hasn't moved. Sis, go towards the glow into His brilliance.


Shout out to my husband, 📸@iwitness_inspirations who took this incredible shot of the moon.

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