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Updated: Jun 13, 2020

It's really hard to distract a bee isn’t it?  Think about a time a bee has mistaken you for a flower because of your perfume.  They just keep coming around even though you swat at them or run away from them. We think of them as pests, but really they are just persistent in their task.

Any beekeeper would tell you that bees are creatures that are highly committed and focused on their tasks.  They don’t allow anything to interrupt their scheduled plan. In fact, when I had the opportunity to visit a friend’s bee farm, this was so apparent. From the moment he opened the lid to the hive, the bees became very agitated, and rightfully so.  I was not there to help them take care of the queen or to forage for nectar, I was an intruder who was in their space –a complete distraction. Every hive has a group of bees called guard bees.  Their job is to attack any intruders who might try to harm them or disrupt the progress of the hive. These bees are usually the oldest bees that have the most potent venom.  They also can discern whether or not the intruder is a real threat, or just a distraction. If they feel through their pheromones that this is indeed an attack, they communicate this to the entire hive, and every bee gets involved in the protection of the hive.

Think about this for a second.  Have you set a time to really focus on God? Are you mature enough in your faith that you can sense when the enemy is trying to interrupt your progress? How do you battle against the attack of the enemy to keep you from spending time with the Lord?  Do you have back-up friends who will intercede with you?

Friends, pray and ask the Lord to help you maintain your commitment to prayer and reading God’s Word.  Jesus is able to give you the strength and discipline to do it.

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