What Are You Carrying Around?

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I love this picture. A friend, sent me a similar picture of a cute bee that fell asleep inside of a flower!!! It’s little bottom, covered in pollen, shown upside down. I know some of you are saying, “bees, cute?? No.” Doesn’t matter, I love them anyway.

You know what I don’t love, pollen, but bees love it! It is EVERYTHING to them. It sustains them and they cannot live without it. So they are always searching for it, carrying it from place to place. They wake up thinking about it and they fall asleep covered in it! And as they carry it around, it spreads from one bee to another bee, from one flower to another flower, from one blade of grass to another blade of grass, from one honeycomb pod to another honeycomb pod.

This pollen could represent alot of things in our lives, couldn’t it? I mean, what are you carrying around? What can’t you live without? What sustains you and keeps you alive? What are you spreading around? ( And I don't mean COVID)

What about God's Word? Do you carry it in your heart? Does it sustain you? Does it keep you alive? Spread it EVERYWHERE, my friend. Let it be(e) on your heart when you fall asleep and let it be on your mind when you are waking up.

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