Sis, Put Your Hand Down!

Are you always volunteering for things? Do you say, "yes" to every opportunity? I know what you are thinking. "No one else stepped up to do it!" Then here is my next question for you, did you even give them a chance to step up? Look, you teach people how to treat you, so if you are the one that always says, "yes" (because you're good at so many things) then I guarantee there is someone in the crowd who choosing not to step up because they know YOU WILL! This kind of busyness will leave you tired, frustrated, and disappointed. How do I know? Click the video, I've got something to share. If you believe that what I share in this video is true, then share it with someone you know!

Busyness is real. Check out my book Kill the Busy, Save the Bee sold on Amazon. Already read my book? Please leave a review on Amazon. It would help me tremendously!

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