Worrying is a Waste of Your Time.

Worrying and fretting is the kind of busyness that I specialize in! Seriously, I could probably put “worrier” in my bio alongside “wife, mother, professor...”. Worrying comes from a need to control and there is a specific thing that I want to control. Ironically, this very thing that I wish I had control over is being wasted worrying. Guess what it is! Jesus had some things to say to busy bees who worry. "Can anyone by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matt. 6:27 Check out this video I made from my little corner of the world. I know it will encourage you.

Be sure to share this post with the worriers that you know! Want to know more about my book? Here you go...Kill the Busy, Save the Bee: What It Really Means to Be Still and Know

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