Who Is Yvonne Marie?

Do you have a dream to write a book or (write more books) that will help to encourage, motivate, and heal hearts? That's is my dream as well!  In fact, my dream includes helping you to achieve your dream.  I have always been a teacher, encourager, and motivator for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I spent my summer vacations "playing school".  My poor brothers were my students who had to do my little reading and math assignments during summer break. Hahaha!

Now, I work as an associate professor of English helping students learn how to use written language to find their unique voice and to communicate with various audiences for different purposes.  We move through the mountains and valleys of the writing process until they are motivated to push through writing challenges in their own lives.  By the end of the journey, they're a lot less intimidated by the tasks.


After writing and self-publishing my book, Kill the Busy, Save the Bee, I realized that my students weren't the only ones that found writing to be scary.  So many women of faith have expressed to me their desire to share their stories, but the task of writing a book seemed to be insurmountable. These women are already writing, blogging, posting, emailing, but for some reason, they do not claim the title of "writer".  They are busy women whose lives are full, and their book dreams are in the back of their minds filed under "One Day When Things Slow Down".  Hearing all of these book ideas and dreams, made me feel a bit restless because I'm a teacher, a motivator, an encourager!  I want to help because I know I can!

I have spent most of my adult life serving in Christian ministries such as worship, discipleship, leadership, and women’s ministries. With a master’s degree in education from Goucher College as well as over two decades of teaching and ministry experience, I have developed the ability to effectively communicate biblical truths into practical life applications and to motivate and encourage women of faith. 

So, you see, I have a unique calling.  It is to communicate the greatness of God through writing, and to motivate, encourage, and teach you to do it, too!  Let's write the book!  Let's take the journey! Let's build the kingdom!