YBJ Writing Accountability Group!
$50, begins October 2nd, 5 sessions, only 10 "seats"!

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A Young Woman Writing

  • Do you need to develop a writing habit?

  • Are you distracted?

  • Do you need an opportunity to write, uninterrupted?

  • A time and "space" where writing is not optional, but mandatory?

  • Do you need a safe place to share your writing goals?

This group is for any writer who is trying to develop a habitual writing routine.  It isn't just for those who are writing a book, but for those who may be writing blogs, articles, stories, or academic papers!

Online Meeting

What is a W.A.G. and what is its purpose?

A Writing Accountability Group is made up of a group of writers who meet for a set period of time with one set goal in mind: WRITE.  During a group session, each writer works on their own personal projects.  

When will we meet?

Meetings will be held every Saturday in October: 

  • Saturday 8:30am - 9:30am

Our meeting will consist of the following:

  • 15 minutes of updates and goal sharing

  • 30 minutes of writing

  • 15 minutes of reporting and wrap-up

Am I required to attend every meeting?

A Writing Accountability Group is certainly a COMMITMENT.  It is critical to your success as a writer to stick to your writing goals!  Additionally, your presence in each meeting is an encouragement to those who are also committed to the group. This is an investment in yourself that is meant to help you grow and achieve your writing goals. So, while you are not required to attend every meeting, you are highly encouraged to keep your commitment. 

What are the benefits?

There are several benefits to joining!

  • A sense of community- research shows that writing is best done in COMMUNITY!

  • Making progress on your personal writing project

  • Developing a habit that will continue after our group sessions have ended

  • Encouragement to keep going

  • FREE access to my (prerecorded) Your Book Journey Webinar

  • A special incentive to all participants who attend at least 5 of the 6 writing sessions-----> A FREE copy of my book, Write, for Christ's Sake!: A Motivational Guide to Kick-Start Your Book Journey (coming in the Fall)

What do I have to invest?

Only 3 things are required:

  • a commitment to work on writing during our sessions

  • time to attend each meeting

  • a one-time payment of only $50!  (That only $10 per session)

    • $5 discount to those who belong to the Your Book Journey FB Group!!  Join today and ask for the discount code!

    • If you are already one of my clients, this offer is FREE to you! (simply send me an email if you are interested)*

Our October W.A.G. includes

  • 1 group writing session per week

  • goal setting and sharing

  • personal connection with other writers

  • mentoring and encouragement

  • and of course, accountability!

Limited to 10 members! Get your seat today!