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Behold the Lamb


Speaker and Encourager

Tabytha Wynn


LightJesus is the light of the world. He is all loving, loyal, lasting light-giver in the darkness.

In John 8:12, Jesus says that he is the world’s light, and anyone who walks with him will not walk in darkness but in light. Have you ever walked in darkness? Recently I watched a man lay a bottle at the altar and choose the light of Jesus over the darkness of alcoholism. You don’t have to walk in darkness. What happens when you walk into a room and turn on the light? The darkness is gone immediately. When you call on Jesus, the darkness must flee because darkness and light cannot shame the same space. Genesis 1:3-4 says God created the light and separated the darkness from the light. This light is available to us for free because of His love for us. Jeremiah 41:3 says that Jesus loves us with an everlasting love. His love and light never run out! What darkness are you facing right now? Do you trust that Jesus is the light in your dark situation? In the name of Jesus, let there be light!

Able- Jesus is the author of our faith who is alive and able! He is the author of our faith Hebrews 12:2. He is alive! Revelation 1:17b. Even though He faced death, death could not hold Him down! Death could not keep Him in the grave. Therefore, we do not fear, for He has beaten death. He is able to bless us and provide for us more than we could begin to imagine 2nd Corinthians 9:5. He is able to perform miracles. How could we ever doubt He is able? Do you believe He is able?

Matchless- Jesus is the matchless Messiah who is mighty to save. Not only is He able to bless us, but He is able to save us! He is mighty and able to save Hebrews 7:24-25. He is the Messiah, which means anointed. He is the anointed matchless king Isaiah 9:6, Daniel 9:25. He is matchless! There is no one like Him, nor has there or will be anyone like Him. How could we trust anyone else? How could we look to the signs in the universe for answers when we can go to the very creator of the universe? What about you? Are you going to the universe for signs and answers about what’s to come, or are you trusting in Jesus? I say to you today that if you look to anyone or anything but Jesus for your answers, turn away from those things and turn back to the one who created you.

Blessed Hope- Jesus is our blessed hope, Titus 2:13, who came as a baby in a manger, Luke 2:11-12. Jesus is our hope in hard times, in depression, in sickness, in loneliness, and in all things that hold us down. We do not lose hope because even though the flesh dies little by little, our soul grows little by little in Jesus as we trust in Him and walk with Him. Are you trusting in Jesus as your blessed hope, or are you living in fear and anxiety, trying to control everything around you? Are you trusting that because Jesus gave us new life, the best is yet to come, eternal life Titus 1:2? Are you having hope in this world or in Jesus? I say to you today, if you still need to put your hope and trust in Jesus or if you have been walking away from Him, today is the day to trust in the blessed hope. All you have to do is go to Him; He’s already coming after you.


Hello, I am a grateful follower of Jesus Christ, and my name is Tabytha (with a Y). I live in south central PA along with my husband and eight children. I enjoy sewing clothes for my children, volunteering at my home church with my husband, and digging into the Word. Being a mother with eight children has not been easy, but I'm grateful that my Father has given me the strength to keep being the mother He has called me to be. Even though my neurologist said I would never be able to memorize things, God has been healing that part of my brain, and I'm memorizing Bible verses and reciting them to my pastor. God gets all the Glory and is still in the healing business!

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E.Brant, DNP, RN
E.Brant, DNP, RN
Feb 17, 2023

Excellent post. Oh how we forget that Jesus is the lamb. He is the light of the world.

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