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You're the Right Person to Write


Speaker and Encourager

Tabytha Wynn


“You have no purpose other than pleasing your man and cleaning!” That was the message I got from my father growing up; this is what I was taught women were good for. As time passed, I believed I wasn’t good enough for even this minimal view of women. At that time, I couldn’t see my future where I was married, had eight kids, wrote a book, and ministered to other women. I couldn’t have imagined it, but God planned it before I was conceived.

The Lord spoke to Jeremiah and told him not only was he called to be a prophet, but God had called him before he was even growing inside his mother’s womb. God set him apart from others in his nation to be a prophet with a specific agenda and purpose. The plan and purpose God had was meant for him and only for him. But his response to the Lord was, "I do not know how to speak. I’m too young."

We do that to God, too, don’t we? When God first called me to write, I told God I couldn’t because----. Because there are eight kids in my house. Because I have this disability. Because I can’t write well. Because I’m not the right person. When we and others around us often say we are the wrong person, God says, "You are just the right person."

After Jeremiah said, “I can’t,” what did God say? God said, "Don’t be afraid of them. I am with you. I will deliver you. I will give you the words to speak!" Guess what? The Lord touched his mouth and gave His words to Jeremiah! Just as He did that for Jeremiah, He’s doing that in me. He’s giving me the words to write, and if you are called to write, He can do that for you too. He will guide you no matter what your calling is or issues are.

It's not about what you can or cannot do. It's all about what God can do. He will make a way even when there seems to be no way. He will use you for His purpose and His glory by His power and might, not yours. That means the pressure is off! You only have to follow where He leads you. He planned your purpose before you were ever conceived.

How can we doubt His purpose? How can we listen to the voice of those around us over the voice of the One who created us and informed us to do His work? How do we believe they know more about us than the One who made us? I assure you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, no one knows you and knows the plans for you better than your heavenly Father. No matter what He’s called you to do, step out in faith! Don't let the voices in your mind tell you more about your purpose than the One who created you.

Hello, I am a grateful follower of Jesus Christ, and my name is Tabytha (with a Y). I live in south central PA along with my husband and eight children. I enjoy sewing clothes for my children, volunteering at my home church with my husband, and digging into the Word. Being a mother with eight children has not been easy, but I'm grateful that my Father has given me the strength to keep being the mother He has called me to be. Even though my neurologist said I would never be able to memorize things, God has been healing that part of my brain, and I'm memorizing Bible verses and reciting them to my pastor. God gets all the Glory and is still in the healing business!

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Heather Jeffery
Heather Jeffery
08 dic 2022

This is very encouraging, Tabytha. I appreciate your words as do many others.

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