I'm in the library right now, typing this blog on my phone (which is a first). I'm here, waiting for my son to finish his tutoring session. When I first arrived, I opened my laptop and, thought, "Ah, now I can get some writing done for this book." But not long after, my laptop said, "Nope. I've been working all day, and now it's time to rest." At least it has enough sense to know when rest is necessary. It's no wonder, though, because, as I was driving, the Lord prompted me to write a blog, and I was too hard-headed to listen because, "Lord, I'm writing this book". But here I sit, submitting to His call. He works that way sometimes.

So here's my thought, rest. That's it. That's all I got. God knows it's a word for me at this very moment because I'm about to enter a season where unrest is readily available. Work will ever be present. And the only escape will be in His arms. I feel that if I don't intentionally run toward Him, I'll be running myself ragged in circles, pulling out my hair, and trying to find relief from the ever-present work. More realistically, I'll be jumping into work whole-heartedly, blind to the trap of the hamster wheel, until, of course, I end up collapsing in His arms.

I'm choosing today to be proactive regarding this workaholism mindset of mine. Rest is on my to-do list now, it's on my phone, it's scheduled, daily. Rest from the job, rest from my business, rest from mommyhood, rest from ministry, rest from mind-spinning, rest from scrolling, rest from anxiety, rest from... Yes, I will be notified every day and I will choose to rest in His arms. Who's with me?


Look over the waters at the setting of the sun

I am not distracted by any other, you're the only one

Hear the breeze whisper as it caresses your cheek

Come close to me and you'll hear the heartbeat

Of me

The Prince of Peace

Up above, listen, the angels serenade

Sit and dine with me as the waves cascade

No hostility or conflict, no confusion in the mind

Only sound serenity