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You Are Not Useless


Writer, Speaker, and Encourager, Tabytha Wynn


1st Samuel 17:17-37

Unfortunately, I have believed the lie “I’m useless” since childhood. It was first conceived by my abusers calling me names and putting me down with every failure, but it was kept alive by the harsh words of those around me. In some cases, I've made the mistake of villainizing people who weren't trying to hurt me with their words because of the abuse I've endured in the past.

Yes, there are cases in which people have an agenda or malicious intent, but there are others who say harsh things but have the best intentions. In any case, I'm learning when things are said in the wrong way or at the wrong time to be careful not to assume they mean harm to me. It’s important to be mindful of those who only love you and want what’s best for you and your situation. This can be challenging, especially if someone unintentionally causes you more difficulty in your situation. Even if the things people say are from a place of love, it can cause distrust and discouragement, which can even cause you to doubt God’s plan and purpose for you. Thus, leading you even to doubt your usefulness.

Take a look at 1st Samuel 17: 17-37. David's father, Jesse, sent him to his brothers who were at the battlefields with supplies. David left his sheep with "a keeper" and met up with his brothers. When David arrived at the battlefields, he saw the Israelite warriors standing around trying to figure out what to do about the "Giant Philistine," Goliath. David spoke about this to the warriors and even went to Saul to say he would fight Goliath. David’s brother, Eliab, was angry at David for what he was saying to the warriors about the battle and the fact that he had left the sheep. King Saul was telling David that he wasn’t strong enough to defeat the “giant.” In other words, their thoughts were that David could not be used for this battle.

Now, Eliab and Saul weren’t necessarily wrong for thinking the way they did or talking the way they did to David. They may have been just trying to guide David in the right direction, they may have had David’s interest at heart. The Bible isn’t clear on their intentions; however, it's reasonable to believe they weren’t totally in the wrong because David would have been speaking out of turn and against the traditions of that time. What's important here isn't what was said to David but David's response. After talking to his brother and the king, David didn’t say, “Well, I guess they are right I’m better off just going back to my sheep. I'm useless here.” Instead, he said, “God will deliver me from the hands of the Philistine (the giant).” Even after being discouraged, David went to battle anyway.

If you struggle with words from your abuser or words from those around you, as I have, don't allow their words to lead you to believe you are useless. Instead, choose to believe what God has said about you and focus on what God has planned for you. Follow Him as He leads you, and march into battle anyway.


Hello, I am a grateful follower of Jesus Christ, and my name is Tabytha (with a Y). I live in south central PA along with my husband and eight children. I enjoy sewing clothes for my children, volunteering at my home church with my husband, and digging into the Word. Being a mother with eight children has not been easy, but I'm grateful that my Father has been giving me the strength to keep on being the mother that He has called me to be. Even though my neurologist said I would never be able to memorize things, God has been healing that part of my brain, and I'm memorizing Bible verses and reciting them to my pastor. God gets all the Glory and is still in the healing business!


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