My Journey Journal and the POWER of Words

Here is where it all began. One day in May of 2018, nine months, after I'd attended and served as worship leader through a women's leadership program, a very kind sister in Christ approached me and handed me a handmade journal. Neither of us had any idea that this journal would be the catalyst to my book journey.

At the time, I was struggling with emotional and mental busyness that almost kept me from continuing to serve as the worship leader, but Elizabeth didn't know what I was going through, she was simply obeying God by making and giving this gift out of gratitude and appreciation for the time I'd spent sharing my gifts of song and praise with her and the other ladies in the program.

I am certain that when she gave it to me, she imagined me writing and creating songs that I'd eventually record. The journal is adorned with pictures that represent a love for music. The irony is that I didn't write one song in it. Instead, this journal holds my journey from busyness to quiet peace, from scattered to focused, from heartbroken to restored, from writer to author, from author to business owner. It is all in this journal!

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Here is the very first entry: