Sis, Don't Speak Against It!

Sis, don’t speak against what you are praying for. There is power in the words that you speak.

I know that some might say, oh no this is Word of Faith Theology! Before I even go into what I mean when I say, don't speak against what you are praying for, I want to clarify something.

Your theology shouldn’t be based ONLY on the words that you speak. But the words that you speak should be based ONLY on your theology.

If your whole theology is based on what comes out of your mouth, you are sadly misinterpreting what it means to speak life. If you are an individual who is speaking positive words about what you desire, but you haven’t bent a knee to ask God what He desires, then you are out of order. If you believe that speaking life is just a way to get what you want from God, that’s not it. If you are speaking words into your life, but you haven’t picked up the Word of God, then you got it all wrong. If you think that speaking words are all it takes to change a situation, then you don’t understand what speaking life means.

Sidenote: Yes, I know about false teachers who push Prosperity and Word of Faith Theology. Here's what I'll say about that. Remember that a false teacher will take ONE thing from God's Word, isolate that ONE thing, and twist it around so that it benefits them. They take ONE truth and disconnect it from EVERYTHING else in God's Word in order to manipulate their followers. Think about Satan and Eve in the garden, he made her question God by presenting God's Word, twisted into a lie. If only she had kept her focus on God's Word alone. For this reason, you MUST study God's Word for yourself. Become familiar with ALL of what God has written. Speaking life is in the Word of God, but it is not God's Word in its entirety. Be careful of those who pick ONE thing and preach that ONE thing all the time, and turn that ONE thing into gospel without sharing the fullness of scripture.

On the opposite side of this is basing the words that you speak on your theology. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, then your theology should be grounded in the following:

God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are one person.

You and all of humanity are sinful.

God is holy.

God’s Word ALONE is the absolute truth and has full authority.

God's Word says that you can have a relationship with God through faith ALONE in the shed blood of Jesus Christ ALONE and the power of His resurrection.

That same power that raised Chri